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Foot Reflexology
by Nancy J. Walton

Nancy J. Walton, Holistic Practitioner has been involved in the Nancy J. Walton - Foot Reflexologistmetaphysical & healing arts since 1972, when first given the books to read of "The Dead Sea Scrolls" written/interpreted by Edgar Cayce. Since then she became a certified Foot Reflexologist in 1986, a Reiki II practitioner in 1988 & Polarity Therapist, 1988. She is Macrobiotic (when she has the time & eats, as they say, wide), practices herbal medicine as part of her repertoire - has had a son by The Bradley Method, having a home birth - and also teaches Hatha Yoga privately. You can contact her at (267)221-7160 or visit her website Healing With Love (


footFoot Reflexology is a ancient method of health and wellness that has been recorded back to the time of Egyptian Pharaohs, 2400 B.C. recorded on a wall painting in the Egypt tomb of Ankhmahor, a ka-priest . Medical scenes are shown in a doorway that leads into a five pillared room. Thus, this tomb is referred to as the Physician's Tomb..

Found on a wall painting in hieroglyphics is an encrypted translation of "Don't hurt me. The practitioners reply, "I shall act so you praise me".

The bottom of each foot is a mirror of the entire physical body, mapped out to encompass every bone, muscle and organ. Applying accupressure on these distinct points, can help the entire body back into optimum health; stimulating circulation, activating the lymph system and assisting in the elimination of toxins trapped in the body.

In China, Foot Reflexology Therapy originated around 5,000 years ago. The first noted text was by Hwang Tee. The book was called the "Tao of Foot Centre". This system lasted throughout the Han Dynasty and continued to Japan during the Tang Dynasty.

During the Yuan Dynasty, two authors wrote on the subject. "jin Lan Xun Jing" was by Hu Tai Bi Lie. The other book was by Hua Bo Ren, "Shi Si Jing Fa Hui (The Fourteen Meridians) which elaborated on the Theory of massage Therapy. It was during this period where it then spread to Europe. It eventually found its way to America to a Dr. Riley who teamed up with Dr. William Fitzgerald and they continued investigating their findings. Eunice Ingham worked as a physical therapist in the office and started to develop her own theories and had documented patient cases where upon she presented them to Dr. Riley and with his encouragement, published her first book, "Stories The Feet Can Tell".

Every part of the body has some connection to the foot and each organ is in fact represented by a 'reflex' area, which can be located on a specific part of the foot. By accurately 'massaging' these specific areas, the relevant point in the body is stimulated.

Foot reflexology (foot massage) is a treatment of wide application. It relieves all kinds of chronic health problems and minor ailments, is suitable for people of all ages and is completely harmless and with no negative side-effects.


1) enhances overall body functioning

2) improves blood circulation

3) assists with better elimination of waste products & "toxic" contaminants of the lymphatic system

4) alleviates chronic health problems such as - headache and migraine, insomnia, neurosis, neck pain and backache, numbness of the limbs, high blood pressure, post-stroke syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome & other discomforts associated with menstrual, hormonal and gastrointestinal dysfunction.

A session last 1 hour. As you soak your feet allow the Heat/Massage/Bubbles experience take you away.....

©2002 NancyJ.Walton




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