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~Special Message~
In light of tragic attack on the world, Robert Burney has written an excellent online book on healing from these events, and healing from the deeper pain of our past. I urge you to read "Attack on America: A Spiritual Healing Perspective" on his website. (Clicking will open a new browser window for your convenience)

Robert Burney's

Robert Burney's Joy2You&Me Essays

Robert BurneySpiritual Teacher and Codependency Therapist Robert Burney, whose work has been compared to John Bradshaw's "except much more spiritual" and described as "taking inner child healing to a new level," has developed innovative, powerful techniques and tools for emotional healing and Spiritual integration.

Robert, whose process is firmly grounded on Twelve Step Recovery Principles, specializes in teaching individuals how to become empowered by having internal boundaries so they can learn to relax and enjoy life while healing. 

His belief is that we are Spiritual Beings having a human experience and that the key to enjoying life is awakening to consciousness of our True Spiritual Nature and then integrating that Loving Truth into our relationships with self and with life. 

"Codependency is about having a dysfunctional relationship with self!  With our own bodies, minds, emotions, and spirits. With our own gender and sexuality. With being human. Because we have dysfunctional relationships internally, we have dysfunctional relationships externally.

We do not have the power to change others - we do have the power to change our relationship with self by healing our codependence/wounded souls, and tuning into Higher Self.  We can access the capacity to accept, embrace, forgive, have compassion for, and set boundaries with, all parts of self.  By learning to Love our self, we will gain the capacity to Truly Love our neighbor .

Changing our relationship with life can transform life into an exciting adventure.  Changing our relationship with self will change the world." ~   Robert Burney

Robert Burney's website: http://Joy2MeU.com


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