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Twin flame couple Antera and Omaran created the Center for Soul Evolution, a religious nonprofit corporation located in Mt. Shasta, California. Dedicated to the awareness of Divine Presence and the spiritual/soul evolution of individuals, all of humanity, and the planet. They have recently released their new CD "Twinflames". Written and performed as a two-person show by Antera and Omaran, this delightful and insightful rock musical odyssey of their twinflame journey will touch anyone graced and challenged with this connection, and will warm spiritual romantics everywhere.

Antera's book about their union "Twin Flames: A True Story of Soul Reunion" details the challenges, healing and spiritual evolution on the path that brought these Twin Flames together. After reading this amazing book, I was moved to ask Antera for permission to share an excerpt, which she most graciously granted. This excerpt is actually a story-within-a-story, written/channeled by Antera to Omaran while they were challenged by his dark temper and the deep emotional/spiritual wounds in need of healing. It details the paths that brought them together for this ultimate union, the inner battle of darkness and light, and the Divine Love that heals.

The Twin Flames and the Demons
excerpt from
Twin Flames: A True Story of Soul Reunion
by Antera

There was once a soul who was given some instruction along his evolutionary path that he thought would help him in his growth back to the Light. This training had become an ingrained part of him, carried from lifetime to lifetime. As one aspect of this training, he was taught to control his emotions, especially his "bad" or "negative" ones, so they would have no influence on his behavior and he could spend all his time in the pursuit of the "higher" emotions and thoughts. He was convinced that this would bring him closer to his God, who was made of only good thoughts and feelings, in contrast to the other God, called the Devil, who contained only bad thoughts and feelings. He thought that if he felt such things as anger or hatred, then he was bringing the Devil into his life and he certainly did not want that.

So he learned to ignore his bad feelings by distracting himself whenever one came up, by putting his mind on something that required his full attention. He thought that made the emotion go away; because he didn't feel it after a while. What he did not know was that every time he took his attention off of those emotions, they didn't really go away. They simply were stored up inside him and carried from lifetime to lifetime until they could be properly expressed. But the system seemed to work well on the surface, and in many lives he was a very pious and well-respected person in his community and church, well rewarded for these efforts. People marveled at how even-tempered he was, and how well he could keep the evil thoughts and feelings from him. Some even thought he was a saint, and they came to him with their own evil thoughts for help in banishing them.

After many hundreds of years, he had so effectively suppressed his negative emotions that he no longer even knew what they were, even when one leaked out once in a while, with a force that surprised him and those around him. All those negative emotions were locked up in a box in his heart, sealed off with a lot of energy and intent, so he could maintain his separation between the good and the bad. He trained with the best each society he lived in could give him spiritually; becoming highly adept, but never addressed the Dark Box of Separation, which stored all his pain and was made stronger with each life, requiring more of his energy to keep it intact.

He decided to be born at a time when he could reap the full benefit of accelerated growth around the turn of the millennium 2000, so he could take on all his remaining lessons, which didn't seem too great from his perspective as spirit. This would give him a chance at mastering the Earth existence. He was very advanced spiritually; so if he played his cards right in this lifetime, he would reunite-with his Twin Flame and they would ascend together. This was his plan as he came into what he hoped was his final body on Earth.

His Higher Self knew he would have to finally open the Separation Box to heal completely and follow his plans. So he found himself born into a family with a mother who was too sick to care for him, as Spirit presented him with his first healing opportunity: to address his fears and pain of abandonment. His mother, who loved him greatly, had agreed to become sick so she could give this important lesson to him, at the same time providing herself with an opportunity to let go of some of her accumulated karma. But he reacted to the pain in the only way he knew, by ignoring it, and developed a sense of humor that would come out with a joke at just the right time, when feelings of sadness threatened to be expressed.

Even though he was living in a family that did not talk about or support his soul-path to mastery, he knew deep inside that he was more than the body he was in. Sometimes he would lie under the stars at night and wish that a spaceship would come down and take him away. As an old soul surrounded by younger souls, he always felt different in some undefined way, like he didn't really fit in with the society he had been born into. He had an inner need to search for the teachings he needed, so he turned to books as a teenager and found many truths expressed there that felt intuitively right to him, and helped to reawaken his sense of Spirit. It was comforting to find that there were others out there who were different, too, and that there were other ways of thinking than those he had been brought up with. He read about God and Love and Light, and continued his growth in spirit as best he could, considering the great Separation within him. Of course, he didn't consciously know that he carried this burden.

As he grew older, Spirit sent to him the very best teachers, as significant relationships, to help him heal his burden, but he did not have the perspective at the times to realize that. He married and divorced, then remarried, not understanding why problems came up in the relationships. His second wife had lovingly agreed with him in spirit to push him to his limits so he could recognize that he carried the burden. So she said many bad things to him, and criticized him more and more as years went on. He didn't get the message, though, and thought they had lost their love because she was such a bad person. Yet, he stayed with her for many years because he didn't want to leave his children.

The frequent criticisms finally aroused his stored-up anger and frustration of many lifetimes to the point where sometimes the Box leaked and he couldn't stop it. To keep the Box protected, and so he would not have to address it yet, he developed several separate personalities that would respond to the attacks from his wife when they occurred. These sub-personalities took care of the situation each time by fighting back for him. They grew very proficient, finding by trial and error the methods of attack that worked the best, that is, would stimulate the most pain in his wife. She, at the same time, was developing her own sub-personalities. So when they had an argument, their rational selves both left their bodies temporarily, and let these personalities fight. The personalities, which were guarding unexpressed pain, grew very powerful and skilled, and after many years of fighting, when there was no spark of love left between the couple, they finally divorced.

After that "bad" marriage, this man decided he didn't want that to happen again, so he sealed up as best he could the pain in his heart and went into diligent further study of spiritual matters, so he could get away from this planet of pain and suffering. Free of the marriage, he now had more time to meditate and concentrate on his inner work. He was very intuitive in some ways, and began entertaining the notion that there was a woman out there somewhere who was his Soulmate and if he could just find her, he would be whole and all would be well. He called for her often, in his mind.

His Higher Self knew that eventually there would be a showdown between his Light and Dark sides, and that the more Light he brought in, the quicker this would happen. There was much concern among his spirit guides that he still had not addressed his stored-up pain, though he had been given many opportunities. Also, the time was drawing near for him to reunite with his Twin Flame and begin their work together. The man's calls for her were speeding that process. Would he be ready in time, or would the meeting be premature, before he was healed enough to handle the intensity of such a relationship?

His Twin Flame was a woman who had also chosen to be born at this time of spiritual acceleration. She was born into a large family of old souls and had much spiritual support growing up, but soon found that she was very different from most people in the outside world. She was very energy-sensitive, which made her quiet and shy in a world of people who didn't sense what she did, and no one taught her how to hold her own energy intact so she could differentiate between hers and others' feelings.

She knew from an early age, by contact with her spirit guides, that she had an important mission in this life, but that her real work wouldn't start until the end of the century approached and she was over forty. As a teenager, the woman wrote poetry that entertained the notion of having a very special partner who walked in the woods and shared deep spiritual intimacies with her. She thought she would know this person if they met, but gradually gave up on finding him. She followed her urge to have children while very young, so they would be grown by the time her real work started.

With her first husband, she studied the physical body and reviewed her mastery of it. She gave birth to two sons, and studied nutrition and health. She never thought this husband was one she would stay with her whole life, but she knew they had this work to do together, and when it was done, they moved apart. With her second husband, she reviewed the emotional body. The two of them, as their Higher Selves, had arranged to push each other to get in contact with the unexpressed rage they both had inside. They had energetic verbal fights, which prompted her to dive into some intense work to release lifetimes of pain. She studied the ways of the emotional body while she healed and cleared her own emotional flow. With that lesson reviewed, the marriage had served its purpose and they split. Her third husband was a scientist like herself, and with him she studied and re-mastered the mental body, developing her left-brain knowledge and logic as well as discharging subconscious mental patterns that no longer served her. She didn't believe that this husband was her True Mate any more than the other two were, but it was a happy marriage, and she was content. However, a part of her deeply wanted to be able to share her spiritual journey with her mate, which she couldn't do. So she turned to her personal connection with beings of Light, and her personal support group in spirit who continued to teach her and illumine her path.

The agreed-upon time came, and (with some hesitation) the Higher Selves of the man and woman cunningly arranged for them to be in the same place at the same time, on several occasions. When they met, it was not instantaneous recognition, but after a few brief conversations, they hugged and both felt a vast expansion of Divine Love, and they knew within a short period of time that they were meant to be together. There was an attraction that was far greater than they had felt with anyone else, because it was of so many dimensions. They quickly realized that they shared the same spiritual goals, along similar paths, and it was deeply satisfying to share this part of their lives together, which neither had been able to do with previous spouses.

At first, the man thought his dream of finding the right mate had come true, because they had so much fun together and connected at such deep levels, and it was refreshing after the fighting throughout his previous marriage. But he became frightened when the newness of their sacred union wore off, and little things started to upset him. The woman could read his energy, so when the man got upset, she would ask what he was upset about. The woman thought that all upsets should be dealt with as soon as they come up between two people in an intimate relationship. But his old training made him deny being upset because he thought such things weren't felt by spiritual beings, especially men.

As their sacred union accelerated their spiritual work together and the Light started seeping into little corners of the Separation Box inside the man's heart, the sub-personalities he had created in his previous marriage started to reappear. These personalities thought that the Light was their mortal enemy, a very reasonable thought since the Light was starting to penetrate the Box they guarded and it was threatening their security. They also thought that any woman in the man's life was an enemy.

So the man started to let these personalities vigorously attack the woman. She was not at all prepared for the onslaught and was deeply hurt by what he said. He even said he thought they should not be together, which broke her heart. The personalities knew that if they could convince her of that, their Box would be safe.

After this sort of thing happened several times, the woman started to notice that every time the man got mad or frustrated, he would say the same or similar things, and she started to call the personalities he gave his power to "demons." She gradually accepted that these demons weren't the man she was in love with, and this was a relief to her. But when the woman explained all this to the man, hoping he would then get some help in exorcising the demons, it was to no avail. She told him that all she wanted from him was love, and if he wanted to hold onto all that suppressed energy and put off his healing that was OK as long as he didn't allow the demons to take out their energy on her. He agreed that love was a reasonable request, and at first he tried to make agreements about how he would behave when he felt angry, but he couldn't keep them because he couldn't hold the demons to those agreements. In fact, he couldn't control the demons at all. When these agreements were broken, his mate started to think that maybe there was no hope for the relationship to work. With time, the man gradually did come to agree that he had some difficulties with his emotional body, though he did not admit this to his mate. So he prayed and asked for help at taking the pain away, in a most convincing way. He understood quite rightly that whenever you asked your Higher Self and spirit guides for help, it was given. The man thought that the angels and masters could just reach into his energy and take all those lower emotions away, doing all the work for him, so he wouldn't have to go through all that pain. But he didn't understand that they couldn't take it away without his releasing it physically as well. They helped him break down the walls of his Separation Box even more quickly because of his requests, in the hopes that he would find a way to release all that would be exposed.

This was accomplished very cleverly by arranging meetings for him on the inner planes, mostly while he was sleeping so he did not remember them. Each meeting was to set up an agreement with various people who would help him bring these emotional energies up so they could be recognized and addressed, and then (hopefully) healed. The work was designed to help the other people involved, as well, by releasing some kind of karmic debt in exchange for helping him.

As the agreements manifested in the man's physical reality, one by one and sometimes all at once, fears were brought to his attention by the playing out of dramas in all areas of his life. The dramas were very real and painful for him, and it seemed that whatever he feared, happened. He understood on an intellectual level the concept of creating your own reality, but he hadn't accepted this truth in his experience. So it appeared to him that the more he asked for help, the worse things became. His Higher Self was patiently waiting for the man to realize that he had to release the emotions that were being brought up, but he continued to hold on by sheer force of his will, which was very strong indeed.

As his fears grew, however, his protective demons grew even more powerful than his will, and took over the body more and more often. The man had enough control to keep them buried most of the time when he and the woman were in the company of friends, but he couldn't control them when he was alone with his mate, and she was often verbally attacked. The woman could see what was happening and tried very hard not to be hurt by what the demons said, but she wasn't always successful.

When the man was fully present, she taught him what she knew about emotional release. He would listen and accept what she said, but still couldn't control the demons, who, naturally, did not want him to get help. All the suggestions she made were promptly forgotten. He also had the notion that to ask for help would be equivalent to admitting he was wrong-like admitting he wasn't really as advanced along his spiritual path as everyone else thought, or as he had pretended to be for so long. And the demons fully supported his inaction.

His mate had almost lost hope that he would win the battle between his Light and Dark sides. She knew that she needed to love him, and that if she could do that all the time, it would help him heal. She needed to rally her forces to become the most perfect expression of Divine Love, because Love was a force that nothing could fight against, and the solution to any problem. She asked her guides to help open her heart, taking in all the Love she could possibly hold, and then transmitted it to her mate daily. As the woman practiced her expression of Divine Love, she saw a definite shift in the amount of time the demons were in charge. She found that if she slacked off in her focus, the demons almost immediately took over again.

The happy part of this story is the made-up ending, because it hasn't happened yet: The man eventually began doing some things his mate had suggested, starting the process of release. It finally came to him that if he ignored the help that was offered, he may not ever get out of the morass. He also realized that his True Love was with him to help him heal, and she was not the enemy. If he didn't accept that, his chance at such a perfect union and world service would be lost, as well as his chance to achieve mastery in this lifetime. There was too much at stake for him to be letting the demons control him anymore. He accepted help from his mate and worked diligently on release of his pain from his childhood and many past lifetimes.

So in the end, despite all the suffering, Divine Love and Light won the battle and the Sacred Union of Twin Flames was preserved. They went on to be great teachers of the Light, inspiring others to overcome their blockages, and ascended together into the bliss of Higher Presence. . . .

Omaran wept several times while reading the story. He couldn't hold the tears back, and didn't even try. It rang so true, and for the first time he really started to see how his behavior was seen from the masters' perspective. He felt terrible about how he had hurt his mate so. The small trickle of tears cleansed him, and he felt purified. He read it twice through.

"Antera?" She came back in to the living room and sat across from him. "How did you like it?" She could see that he was touched.

"It's wonderful. I really didn't know. . . I am so sorry, I had no idea that it hurt you so much. Thank you, this is a gift-and the truth: He straightened his posture. "But I still don't like the idea of 'demons.' I don't like you calling them that. . . ." But it was said with a light heart. The story had a very healing effect on Omaran, and he thought about it for days, reading parts of it again. The demons had been overtly exposed. He felt such relief, as if now his whole body could relax. A deep place inside, where he didn't even know he had been holding tension, had simply let go. Now he knew how good it felt after crying, even that little bit, and wished he could do it more often, as Antera had suggested so many times. But why was it so hard?

No wonder she calls them demons, he thought. I can't control them. . . they have power over me. I can't will them away! Frightened for a moment, he wondered if he could ever gain control over them. He had accomplished so many things in his life by using his will; he had always been able to make things happen. But his will alone was no match for these demons, or the problem would be already taken care of. How did he will something not to happen? Wait! These demons are not beings separate from me, controlling me from the outside. They are my own creation, they are parts of myself-so of course I can and will conquer them!

This resolve resulted in improved behavior for a few months. He was happier and kinder than he had been in a while. But Antera was wary. Though she enjoyed their times together, she knew the demons would be back because most of the repressed energy was still there, and she knew it would take a lot of work to clear. So she kept her guard up. It was just too easy to forget the bad times when he was his joyful self.

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