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What is the Soul2Soul Network?

The Soul2Soul Network is not only a listing of Metaphysical, Holistic/Wholistic and Spiritual resources, schools, practitioners and products state-by-state, but an important destination of the growing and loyal audience of Soul2Soul with Harusami & Friends and Soul2Soul Treasures.

Now entertaining, empowering and enlightening over 1 million hits per month, we are dedicated to connecting Souls 2 Souls in the "real" and online world. Need to find a practitioner, institution, store or resources in your region? Just select a state from any of the pages on Soul2Soul. Spread the word!

It is my vision to be more than an online community, but a source for face-to-face interaction. It is my hope to assist you in finding the resources needed for your healing, growth, empowerment and enjoyment in Body, Mind & Spirit wherever you may be. With our growing audience and online forum community, we have become a force of light, the matrix of souls seeking, souls teaching, souls reaching.

With national print ads in Light of Consciousness Magazine and numerous national online ads, the Soul2Soul Network is a valuable and inexpensive media for practitioners, teachers, stores and resources to reach potential clients in your area.

How do I join?

List your metaphysical, holistic or spiritual practice, product or institution on your home state's Soul2Soul's Network page for just $24.00 a year, less than $2.00 a month! Your listing will include the name of your service, product or institution in the category you choose, URL, address and phone number, if applicable, email contact, and a 300 character discription. List in multiple catagories for an additional $10.00 a year! Join Here!

For more information on joining the Soul2Soul Network or advertising your service or product visit Soul2Soul Marketing.

Please consider placing a Soul2Soul Network button on your site as a handy resource for your viewers! Soul2Soul Banners & Links

Can anyone join?

No, if your service, website, product or institution promotes pornography, gambling, addictive behaviors such as drugs or alcohol, demeans any race, sex, culture or religion, interfers with free-will (no love spells, hexes or curses, intended to bend the will of another), or if your service, website, product or institution is not within the interests and theme of our Network, your listing will be removed. If in doubt, ask Harusami.

Do you personally vouch for the services/practitioners listed?

Please use your own discretion in choosing a service, practitioner or product. I hope to feature only compassionate, ethical and professional individuals and institutions but as all things in life, there are no guarantees, and so Harusami, Harusami Productions, LLC, and Harusami's Soul2Soul Network are not liable for any loss, damage, injury or insult in utilizing any service, institution, practitioner or product found on this website. If you do find a service, practitioner, institution or product to be inferior, unethical, unreasonable or just plain nasty... pleaseContact Harusami and I will review the complaint and their listing and remove them from the Soul2Soul Network if deemed appropriate. Thank you.

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